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An electric water heater thermostat advises the heating elements when to begin warming up the water within the tank. Most electric hot water tanks have two elements and two thermostats one of each on the top and bottom of the water tanks. The elements don’t warm up at the same time but individually the top element warms the water first and only then will the bottom element begin to warm up.

The upper thermostat goes about as a facilitator between the two elements. At the point when the water in the top part to the tank is sufficiently hot, it releases the lower thermostat to activate. At the point when the lower thermostat detects the water is cool it turns on the lower element. This happens strictly when the upper element has finished warming the upper tank area.

water heater thermostat

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In order to find out what is causing issues to your water heater you have to do some testing to each element or thermostat. Once you have identified the issue to replace water heater thermostat can cost about$20 to $35 for the upper and lower could average around $10 to $20 and to pay a professional for this service can cost around $100 in labor costs. It’s not a hard job to do but you must keep safety first as you are working with electricity, i would advise replacing both water heating element with thermostat at the same time.
The thermostats also allow you to change how hot you want your water heater temperature to be this is not as easy as it is to change it on the water temperature.

Water Heater Thermostat Test

The video guide below will show you several different tests on how to test a water heater thermostat, this will help you identify what your particular problem and also let you know if you really need to replace water heater thermostat. you will need a multimeter to perform the test below unfortunately there is no other way to perform this test with out one. You will need access to the thermostat so remove your cover panels for the top and bottom and remove the insulation some types of water heaters may also have plastic safety covers these need to be removed also. The Lower thermostat has two terminals only and testing is similar to how you test your upper thermostat this is shown clearly on the video below.

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Buying a Thermostat
When you have identified you need to replace your thermostat and need to purchase a replacement you need to ensure you buy the same voltage as currently being used to do this you can check your water heater tank label on the side for this information. Keep in mind that upper and lower thermostat have different voltages and its best to replace both at the same time. If you have an owners manual to hand i would recommend pulling this out and taking a look at the information provide or you could also take your current thermostats to your local hardware store for help.

Insure all-electric power is off before you begin any work at the mains of your home also an additional extra is to turn off the electric supply your water heater. Also use a multi-miter to check there is no electric within the wires it self of the water heater.

WARNING!! Make Sure the Power is OFF!!!

How To Replace Thermostat

Thermostat replacement is not too difficult all it takes is a bit of time and some basic tools and probably about 30 too 60 mins of your time.  Again ensure you have the correct thermostat as replacing it with an incorrect one can damage your water heater with more problems. With most water heaters you should have by now switched all-electric currents off and removed the plates , insulation and plastic shield before proceeding to the other steps below. Replacing thermostat steps are below with easy to follow videos.

TIP! Take a photo of the wiring locations before you begin removing the wires (keeping a reference of this will help)

This  video covers all the steps needed and also explained in detail below.

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How To Change Thermostat

Remove or disconnect all the wires and in some cases you will have a break away click check to see if there is one if not try to gently pull the thermostat away from the heater. Another form commonly used to secure the thermostat is a steel bracket on both sides. with a screw driver pull away one of the brackets gently to release the thermostat. Then twist the thermostat to one side to release it from bracket and then you should be able to release it.

Installing a Water Heater Thermostat

Installing is pretty easy also, insure the area is clean free from rust and you can then pop in the new thermostat the same way as you removed it.

connect all the electrical wires to how they where before and replace the plastic over, insulation and outer cap. As you can see hot water heater thermostat are quite easy replacements with a little time you can save your self a bit of money.

You can then turn on the power and test the system you should now have correct hot water after the replace thermostat.

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