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Water Heater Types

Is there a real benefit of having a under sink tankless water heater?  in short they can save you some and energy especially if you use small amounts of water frequently. they are available in 2 forms tankless or with 2 gallon or 2.5 gallon tanks able to support hot water for short running white goods like your dishwasher. Below we will take a deeper look into the benefits of having an under sink water heater and if you should have multiple within the house but this is only advised if you can afford to have them installed at dedicated spots when needed.

Do under sink water heater make Sense to have?

Under Sink Water HeaterUnder sink water heater or also known as a point of use hot water can be energy-efficient when installed near to appliances but the main positive effect of having them are in homes where no central hot water or heating systems are available like mobile homes hence the reason for being so compact.
What about newer tankless water heaters? Instead of having a giant water tank that needs to be insulated and kept hot (and can run out), you can install small, “instantaneous”, energy-efficient water heater for the whole house, or multiple heaters closer to where they’re being used (so you don’t have to wait for the hot water from the to warm up the pipes)  LifeHacker

Under Sink Water Heater Benefits

Typically with an under sink water heater you can generally save due to less water being consumed by heat especially when so near to its outlet source. If you’re using this to heat other areas of the home then you will incur huge costs due to its inefficiency at larger scale. Do not use a under sink instant water heater maintain if you have a gas water heater tank or tankless then use those as your main source for heating your home only.

Shower water heater

Shower water heater

Use instant water heater under sink in your RV or when you really need that extra power direct to white goods. Do go out to buy one if your thinking this will over take your main source of water as this will cost you more . This unit will save you money but in certain circumstances as another positive aspect of water heater under sink is its convenience. They can also be used in shower points as they are very common place to have them for the extra power when needed and can lead to great energy efficiency when used in this way.


Remember you will need your sink water heater to have correct maintenance so please consider this before purchasing. internal they are a great way to save if used in the correct environment.

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