Rheem EcoSense Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater


There are a variety of options for purchasing a water heater this is the reason for this Rheem EcoSense product review. As with most of our purchases, buying a water heater may seem like a daunting task much more if the buyer is uncertain of the capacity or features which he/she is looking for. The Rheem Eco Sense tankless water heater is more convenient to use than other models. This article is an in-depth review of this specific model and we hope this will help you decide on making your purchase. If you still are undecided take a look at this article on selecting a water heater.

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Rheem EcoSense tankless water heater: Overview

There are 4 EcoSense tankless water heater systems, below you will see the 4 available options to purchase all are at reasonable price levels.

EcoSense Tankless Electric 3kW

Price $180.00 From Amazon

EcoSense Tankless Electric 3kW

EcoSense Condensing 8.4 Outdoor

Price $1,514.80 From AmazonEcoSense Mid-Efficiency 84 Outdoor

EcoSense Tankless Electric 27kW

Price $649.99 From HomeDepotEcoSense Tankless Electric 27kW

EcoSense Mid-Efficiency 84 Outdoor

Price from $700.oo From AmazonEcoSense Condensing 84 Outdoor

The Rheem EcoSense 9.5 GPM promises to provide 9.5 gallons of hot water per minute enough water for three bathrooms simultaneously. This water heater model runs on natural gas and has an energy factor of 0.94.

It comes with a remote digital thermostat – which is easily installed anywhere around the house. The Rheem EcoSense water heater has intelligent electronic controls and sensor. It also features a digital display that shows the temperature and maintenance codes. The range of temperature given by this tankless water heater is from 85°F to 140°F.

Because it is tankless, it takes up less space than other water heater models. The Rheem EcoSense tankless water heater is one of the lightest water heaters available in the market, weighing less than 82 pounds.

EcoSense features


Rheem EcoSense 9.5 GPM $979.99 from Amazon


Because it is a relatively newer model, the Rheem EcoSense hybrid water heater offers modern design and innovative features. Furthermore, previous buyers swear that the water capacity of this tankless water heater is immense – regardless of its size. Others even claim that the water supplied by this model is almost endless.

Additionally, most users of the Rheem EcoSense 9.5 GPM are happy with its effect on their lower electric bills, thanks mostly because of this heater’s highly efficient heating system.


One of the cons (well, not really a con, more like a slight inconvenience) is that since this is a newer model, there aren’t that many customer testimonials out there that you can consult. Although the brand itself has been around for quite some time, the reliability of this particular model is still unclear.

With its large supply of water, other users have noticed that heating the water takes longer than other models. Other people cannot wait long enough just to have hot water for shower. Lastly, a common complaint for this Rheem EcoSense hybrid water heater is the missing internal pipe clip. Others complain some malfunctioning, water leaks, and poor customer service.

Final Rheem EcoSense Recommendation

The Rheem EcoSense water heater has its fair share of pros and cons. Theoretically, its pros do outweigh the cons, but since there are not that many of these in use as of yet, its reliability and longevity is still unclear. However, if you look at the current track record of other Rheem water heaters, it is safe to say that this newer model will stand the test of time just like its predecessors.

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