Gas Leak From Water Heater?


So you think you have a gas leak from your water heater ? maybe you can smell the gas! In some serious cases you will need a replacement thermostat and i would highly advise you to call a professional plumber or your local fire department is a serious smell is consistent. As they are able to use more hi-tech leak detection tools to pinpoint the leak and know how to safely resolve the gas leak.

Soapy water can not detect small leaks all the time! Leaks are easily located with electronic gas location devices.

Gas Leak Detector from your Water Heater

Ez-Flo 45277 Hydro Balance Leak

Ez-Flo 45277 Hydro Balance Leak

Water Heater Gas Leak Detection, you can detect a light leak your self with some soap and water , insure your consistency is thicker than water content and gently apply it to your affected area and look for any bubbles you can also use a leak detection fluid like , Ez-Flo 45277 Hydro Balance Leak Seek Blue Spray Type Leak Reactant available from amazon also known as bluespray. If you do see bubbles you will need a replacement thermostat and this will need to be carried out by a professional !

Where Gas May Leak From

One main area where a gas leak may be found from your thermostat, if it’s leaking then this will require a full replacement and will usually cost about $70 to $85 if you have a propane unit this would cost about  $85 to $100. My advise is buy the control your self and then hire a professional to have it fitted as you need certificates for your home insurance company.Other Gas Leak Areas
Vales may be worn ! and need greasing to correct the problem you could also have gas leaking from your reset button usually the red button. the seal could be damaged or fry a simple oiling of the seal can fix this issue.
Dial Leaks from under the dial are usual suspects for a gas leak but this will need a professional to fix usually a full replacement of your thermostat will be carried out.
Tubing Nut Leaks can evolve from the tubing nuts from under your thermostat and from the connection points of the tubes . Tubing leaks and burner tubing nut leaks will only be present when the unit is on .
Gas odor ( Water Heater Gas Leak Smell ) may not come from water heaters and can come from a gas supply connection to it or from the flex line supplying gas to it. In all cases it is advised that you contact your gas supplier or plumber to resolve this issue before it becomes worse as gas leak smell can be lethal seek professional help asap.

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