How to Install a Water Heater Step-by-step


How to install a water heater usually is very simple device but doesn’t really mean they have to be difficult to install all it does requires is plumbing and electrical work and gas depending on your source, all of which are hazardous so be careful. If you don’t feel 100% confident, call a professional to come and have a look the cost to install water heater is usually not that expensive. If you work on this your self have your work cheeked when done.

As you do need to follow plumbing codes so find out what your municipal permitting requirements and specific criteria are. All water heaters now come with installation manuals and instructions with many warnings to insure you handle electric gas and all other connections safely.

Below is a great video that will take you step by stem throw the process on how to install a water heater. At any point you need further clarification feel free to comment below and I will surly get back to you.

Water Heater Replacement Video

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How to Install a Water Heater

How To Install a Water Heater

The videos you have just watched above cover all the major aspects in this article but in general the most efficient way to replace your water heater is to have it done by a profession plumber. But if you cannot afford it then you can install the water heater your self within 3 to 5 hours and below we will show you how to install water heater with a few easy to follow steps.

Selecting Your Next Water Heater
We have many water heater reviews to help when buying but to keep matter simple keep to your fuel type with minor adjustments. For example you have a 40-gallon and want to increase to a 50 gallon then you will be fine as long as you consider the clearance space between your walls and heater.

Water Heater Installation Preparation
Before you start make sure you check the following to ensure everything is ready and ensure efficiency.

  1. Measure your center points from the hot and cold water pipes on the top of your water heater and insure your new water heater have the same measurements this will make your pluming job much easier
  2. Insure you have a gas union only applicable if you have a gas water heater, double-check you have water shutoff valve for the cold-water inlet pipe and a union outlet pipe for the hot water.
  3. If these are not there then you will need to cut the pipes and install the above. But If the previous plumbers did a good job then hopefully everything should be fine.

Turn Off Water, Electric or Gas
This is essential ensure you switch all your supply’s at the main water shutoff valve points. Including your eclectic at the circuit breaker especially when dealing with electric water heaters. Turn your gas supply off at the tank and at the mains gas shutoff valve.

Drain your water Tank
For a more detailed steps on how to drain your water heater but in short, open your tap, attach a hose to your drain valve and the end to the outside. Then open your drain valve and let it empty there will be sediment this is normal.

Disconnect Gas, Water and Electricity
Disconnect all depending on what your source is then once everything has been disconnected you can remove the old heater.

Replacing the Water Heater
When you have removed the old water heater assuming it has been drained you and then move it out-of-the-way and begin the new water heater into its place I advise having it checked and level once in position.

How To Install water heater Fittings

Reconnect your fittings that have come with your new water heater and install the temperature and the pressure relief valve use pipe dope or joint compound on galvanized fittings. Then install any other fittings as required by the manufactures manuals.

Connect your sources back
Connect your cold and hot water lines back to how they where, I would strongly reconnect adding a shut off valve to your cold water supply if you do not have one. Connect Gas Line or Electric.

Final Step
Once all connected, fill the water tank with cold water and turn the unit on. It’s recommended to have your thermostat to a temperature of 105 -125 degrees this will then complete your water heater installation as you can see to replacing the water heater is quit a simple but time-consuming process.

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