Gas Leak From Water Heater?

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So you think you have a gas leak from your water heater ? maybe you can smell the gas! In some serious cases you will need a replacement thermostat and i would highly advise you to call a professional plumber … Continued

Water Heater Element Replacement

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What is a Water heater Element? A water heater element is only installed on electric water heaters as they depend on upper and lower metal elements to heat the water. Electric water heater element are made of metal and increase … Continued

Water Heater Thermostat & Replacement

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An electric water heater thermostat advises the heating elements when to begin warming up the water within the tank. Most electric hot water tanks have two elements and two thermostats one of each on the top and bottom of the … Continued

Water Heater Pressure Relief Valve

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A water heater pressure relief valve is critical control feature to insure against over temperature and pressure in your water heater, they release excess pressure build up from within the tank in the even of too much hot water. Is … Continued

Rheem Water Heater Manuals

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Below you have the Original Rheem Water Heater Manuals listed with all the download links to a PDF file these are the most popular Rheem water heaters on the market. Use the left-click on the link to open the manual … Continued

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